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Fishermen’s Village Under Construction

“When visitors to Fisherman’s Village get their first peek at the $7 million mall-apartment and marine complex in January they will be in for a number of surprises. A tour of the still-under-construction project Friday provided a glimpse of what cannot be seen by passersby – the heart of the mall, with its village square for weekly displays and concerts, an area where children may play while parents shop; the glass, wood and brick materials; the second-floor wooden walkways for apartments dwellers; and the views of the harbor and working shrimp boats near where visitors in about six weeks will be able to sit at tables and benches. Don Donelson, developer said he was “getting excited” now that the construction of the first phase was nearly completed.

The marina will be open early in December and the first of the luxury furnished apartments also will be ready for occupancy then. A large portion of the mall will open January 2, with completion of the rest slated for the end of February or early March, said Donelson. He said the grand opening ceremonies will take place when the entire project is completed.

Forty-seven of the apartments are rented, he said. Rentals vary, depending on the type of lease and the location with yearly rentals starting at $650. The Village also will be renting some units by the week, he said, starting at $400. Persons joining a club will be able to rent the same apartment, for the same week of the year for 40 years, if desired, he said. At the far end of the mall, the two trams from the parking area will deposit diners at Nightingale’s Restaurant, with its three sides of glass walls. The tables will be a least tree levels for maximum view of the harbor, he said.

Donelson said the lower level of that building is planned for shops and cocktail, soup and sandwich lounge along with a package liquor store. He said there will also be a candy and ice cream shop. Beginning in January, the Village Water World will open its activities in the marina, with lessons in scuba diving, fishing and water-skiing. The occupation also will have boat rentals, charters, and provide 3 to 4 hour scenic cruise on the Peace River, Donelson said.” Courtesy of the Daily Herald News, November 17 1976

Nightingale’s: Dining in Elegant Atmosphere

When you go to Earl Nightingale’s Restaurant for dinner, don’t plan on rushing in, gulping down a cheeseburger and fries and rushing out again. Plan on luxuriating in the fine art of dining. Since Earl Nightingale’s Restaurant opened at Fisherman’s Village one month ago, word has spread quickly throughout Charlotte County about the fine cuisine, the good service and surprisingly reasonable prices for a class “A” restaurant.

Ronald Evans, who co-owns the restaurant with Earl Nightingale, Bob Anderson and Don Donelson, explained that the atmosphere at Nightingale’s is geared for “someone who is out to dine and not in a hurry to eat.” Evans, who manages the establishment, often working from the time the doors open for lunch until the last guest leaves after its late night closing, said “We wanted to make this a nice place with nice surroundings, quality food and quality service.”

Discipline, Evans explained, was in “creating what we dreamed of and not letting it backslide, continuing to strive for perfection on a daily basis to make the restaurant the finest to each individual that comes here.” Evans summed up his goals for the restaurant by saying, “I believe that if every person is satisfied, this restaurant will win the accolades it deserves.”

Courtesy of the Daily Herald News, February 21, 1980